Understanding Tens or Better Video Poker

Before you play Tens or Better, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of traditional group poker. This game requires each participating player to first put in an ante, the amount of which is generally determined in advance. After players have paid the ante, cards are dealt, one at a time, until each player has five cards, or seven if the type of poker demands it. At this point, depending on the type of poker, players may draw cards, after which betting may begin. Or, if the type of poker does not allow card draws, betting may begin immediately.

The player whose turn it is to start play will decide the opening bet, or may also select to fold if they believe their hand is not strong enough. The following player may call the bet if one has been made, matching it, or also select to fold, depending on the value of their hand. The game will progress in this fashion, with bets being raised, called, or players folding, until all players have folded except one, or until betting concludes. The winning player will take the pot, which will consist of the ante, plus all bets placed up until that point.

Understanding Video Poker

Video poker is played by a single player, and was initially done at a physical electronic gambling terminal. In video poker the player is dealt five cards, and must select which cards to hold onto, and which to throw away. Those thrown away will be replaced, hopefully helping the player create the strongest poker hand possible. If the player manages to make a hand of a good enough value, the electronic terminal will payout a sum, based on the value of the hand. The player may then choose to play another hand, or quit at any time between hands. The payouts cashed out, in the original versions of the game, were done in form of coins. In modern times, however, physical video poker machine payouts are generally paid to an electronic card, and then cashed out at a teller. In the online world, all cash transactions are done electronically.

Tens Or Better Rule

The tens or better rule was first introduced to video poker machines, and then adopted by some group poker games later. The tens or better rule, in the case of video poker, states that the electronic machine will payout only for hands that have a value of a pair of tens, or better. In terms of group poker games the rule states that betting may only open if at least one player has a hand with a value of a pair of tens, or higher. If no player has a hand with this value, new cards are drawn and the players ante up a second time. This process continues until at least one player is able to open the betting. If players choose to play with this rule, it ensures that there are no dead hands, or hands where players are reluctant to bet due to having nothing of value.

Video Poker Online

Video poker using the tens or better rule is available to play at many online casinos including https://casinositescanada.net/real-money/, and can be accessed in just a few moments of. The game is offered for all platforms, including mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop. If you would like to start playing now, simply download the game, or open it via a web browser, and start playing. Free variations of the game are offered, as well as those played for real money.