There are almost too many online slots out there today, surfing the web and its online casinos. Players could spend ages searching through the lists searching for that slot that just works for them. The reason for the search is because each online slot offers its own unique combination of lucrative betting action, including a myriad of bonuses, reels, paylines and game design. It even goes right down to the hosting casino and support team. So without further ado, one of these great online slots, Water Dragons.

What’s in Water Dragons

Now this slot adopts a traditional Chinese theme. Players will see bonsai trees, Water lilies, pearls, koi fish and of course the slots own emblem adorned across the reels. Alongside this the slots game track features a light Asian tune which completes the Chinese atmosphere. So players will be able to enjoy spinning whilst indulging in a little bit of eastern culture.

The Slot, Winnings and Bonuses

Like many Mac casino slots at, Water Dragons has five reels and up to 30 paylines making it a rather fully equipped online slot. This also affords a variety of betting options for players to change and edit as they feel necessary. Now for the bonuses, this pokie features two types of bonus symbols. The wild symbol, which is the Water Dragons emblem. This symbol appears on all five reels sans the first and can substitute with all other symbols except the scatter to form the best winning combinations.

Water Dragons Internet Casino Slot

The second bonus symbol is the scatter symbol, here represented by the pearl. This symbol appears only on the middle three reels as a scatter bonus, meaning it just needs to appear on the reels to take effect, and can award 15 free spins as well as a three times multiplier if three of them appear on one spin. Additionally the pearl offers players the best bonus water dragons slot has to offer if it appears on the 5th reel. This will award a pearl symbol to the set of symbols listed below the reels and serves to make other symbols in the game wilds. Imagine three or four different wilds spinning around in the mix. A lot of winning potential there.

Win with Water Dragons Online Slot

Otherwise just like most online games an important factor is the internet casino it’s played at. Many of the top casinos will accompany there games with bonuses of their own, welcoming players and getting them started. These can come in the form of a starting balance or a selection of free spins. Additionally the atmosphere is relaxed at most good sites because they ensure high levels of security, protecting winnings and other sensitive information. They also have a support team setup to answer any questions, help and protect players and otherwise keep the slots running smoothly.

Water Dragons slot is a good, all round online slot and promises fun experiences for all varieties of players. With lists of bonuses on the reels, a bright and lively design and a fundamentally strong base slot game this online slot accomplishes the tasks it set out to, providing an enjoyable and lucrative environment for the community. Enjoy the game and spin to win!