Stash of the Titans is a video slots game offering players five reels and twenty pay lines to play on. The game was designed and released by Microgaming. Stash of the Titans features a Greek mythological theme and combines various legendary characters, such as Pegasus, Cerberus, Medusa, the Cyclops, Griffin, Satyr, and Kraken, in a game with cutting-edge graphics and animation sequences. The symbols are designed in a cartoon style, resulting in a game offering a fun and light playing experience.

The Slot Game Basics

Stash of the Titans can be played in online casinos as a real money game depositing with Credit Card etc. or as a free version. All players need to do to begin playing is to select their coin denomination, the number of pay lines they wish to play on, and the number of coins they wish to play per pay line. Once the appropriate selections have been made, players can move on to spin the reels and wait to land winning combinations.

The Stash of the Titans Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in the Stash of the Titans video slots game is the game’s logo. The logo wild symbol can substitute any of the other symbols, except for the scatter symbols, and thereby help players complete winning pay lines and receive the highest possible payouts.

Winning combinations that include a wild symbol will come with a two time multiplier, which will increase depending on how many wild symbols are present in the winning combination. Each wild symbol in this online slots machine will reward another two time multiplier, resulting in a maximum multiplier of ten times the original bet for any wild win. In addition, landing five wild symbols will also result in a payout of five thousand times the original bet placed.

Stash Of The Titans Internet Casino Slot

The Stash of the Titans Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the Stash of the Titans video slots game is represented by the character of Medusa. Landing two or more of these Medusa scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will reward players with a scatter payout, which may be a multiplier of anything between two and fifty times the original bet.

In addition, landing three or more of the Medusa scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the Stash of the Titans free spins bonus round. Once this free spins bonus round has been triggered, players will be rewarded with fifteen free spins that come with a four time multiplier. If this is combined with a ten time multiplier wild win combination, players have the chance of winning up to twenty thousand coins with a forty time multiplier in this free spins bonus round.

The free spins bonus feature cannot be re-triggered during the actual free spins bonus round.

The Mixed Symbol Combinations

The Stash of the Titans video slot at allows for the possibility of landing a mixed symbol combination. The mixed combinations will be made up of Pegasus symbols and treasure chest symbols. Only one winning combination will be paid out per pay line.

The Stash of the Titans Jackpot

The jackpot symbol in the Stash of the Titans video slots game is represented by the treasure chest icon. Landing five of these treasure chest icons on an active pay line will pay out the game’s jackpot of fifty thousand coins. The game does not offer a progressive jackpot.