Roulette is arguably the most thrilling game on the casino floor and certainly the most glamorous, associated with high-rollers in high-end suites and haute couture gowns. In fact, in many traditional land-based casinos, the roulette minimum is simply too rich for some players’ blood. And, even when a spin of the wheel is within the budget, a high-stakes game like that can be rather intimidating.

Free roulette online is one of the many creative gambling solutions offered exclusively by internet casinos. With free roulette online, players don’t have to break the bank to experience the timeless thrill of roulette anytime, anywhere. All they need is an internet connection.

You Get What You (Don’t) Pay for

Free roulette online games are not samples or second-rate versions of the real paid games. They are identical. In fact, they are one and the same. Switching between paid and free roulette online simply means changing settings, not changing games.

Because casinos use free roulette online to promote their games to potential customers, they allow players to enjoy the full experience of their roulette games for free. No money ever changes hands but the casinos feel confident that the game play, sound and visuals created by leading online game software developers will ultimately lead players to place real bets.

The only thing that free online roulette players are very unlikely to find is free live dealer roulette, in which a video stream of an actual dealer spinning a real wheel creates a more authentic experience.

How Free Roulette Online Works

As with other free games offered by internet casinos, free roulette online is a promotional tool that sites use to attract players. Players simply sign up for an account with the site of their choice and they are able to play free roulette online. The game is exactly the same but the wagers aren’t real and there is no actual jackpot at stake. The idea is that players will enjoy the free roulette so much that they will be enticed to place real money on the line for a shot at a proper payout.

How Free Roulette Online Works

All the Different Roulette Variations

More experienced players know that there isn’t only one version of roulette. In fact, different versions even use different wheels. Part of the reason why less knowledgeable players are unaware of this is because most land-based casinos don’t offer much variety – you’re as unlikely to find a European wheel in the States as you are to find a double zero on a wheel in Europe.

But online casinos don’t have the logistical challenges that venues bound by cement and steel do so they offer French, European, American and Atlantic City rules roulette. And all of them are also available as free Roulette online.

Refine Strategies and Try out Different Sites

Free roulette online is actually more than just a bit of risk-free fun. Many players have begun to use free roulette online as an opportunity to practise, refine their strategies, and familiarise themselves with house edges and game rules.

Although roulette is a game of chance, players can considerably increase their odds of winning – or, at least, of not losing everything – by making sure they know the game inside and out before they risk any real money. Free roulette online allows players to practise for as long as they want whenever they like without spending a cent. It’s the perfect way to put both your roulette strategy and the casino to the test.