Established in 2004 in Tampa, Florida, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa consists of a casino complex and a Four Diamond hotel. The hotel and casino can be found on the Native American Tampa Reservation, which is situated east of Tampa.

The 190,000 square foot span of the Hard Rock Casino ranks it as the 6th largest casino complex in the world and this casino is open 24 hours a day to visitors. Among other notable amenities, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa offers a large international food court and tour bus and shopping facilities.

Hard Rock Themes and Decoration

As with all Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa features a predominant theme of rock ‘n’ roll music and icons. This theme can be found throughout the hotel and casino, where memorabilia such as instruments, clothing and autographed items are displayed.

The casino has multiple wide screens installed throughout its floor on which classic rock songs and videos are played, and additional features such as rock song lyrics printed on the walls add to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa’s overall feel.


The History of the Hotel and Casino

The history of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa began in the year 1980, where a construction company was excavating an area of land in central Tampa. The remains of Native Americans were found during the excavation, and these remains were moved to an area of land just east of Tampa.

The land was declared a reservation only a year later, and ownership of this reservation was handed over to the local Seminole tribe, who opened a Native American museum, a bingo hall and a smoke shop on it.

Four Points Sheraton Hotel Construction

A Four Points Sheraton Hotel opened on the reservation soon after these facilities were built, and the hotel started to offer slot machines and poker to visitors while adhering to Florida’s gambling laws at the time.

Over a decade later, a Hard Rock Casino opened on the same reservation in eastern Tampa in 2003. A Hard Rock Hotel was added to the casino in the following year, creating the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa that is still present today. The complex saw more major expansions in the years 2007 and 2012, making it the current largest casino in the state of Florida.

The Hard Rock Casino Complex

The Hard Rock Casino at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino offers over 5,000 slots and video poker machines, as well as 110 live casino game tables.

Guests at the casino are able to play baccarat, blackjack, 3 card poker, pai gow poker and more, and there are also electronic roulette and craps machines available after the casino’s 2012 revamp. A high rollers club room is also present.

Entertainment and Dining Facilities

The current Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa offers a wide variety of visitors for its guests, and the establishment boasts a fitness centre, a swimming pool, undercover parking garages and a 12-storey hotel tower. Guests will find many restaurants and a 24 hour buffet service at the hotel and casino, as well as an international food court offering many different world cuisines.

There is also a Hard Rock Cafe on the premises, which hosts regular live music performances from acclaimed rock artists. In terms of retail opportunities, a Native American gift shop, smoke shop and a Hard Rock souvenir shop are all included.