One of the more overlooked highlights of land based casinos is Reno, Nevada which is home to some rather unique hotels and casinos including the Sands Regency. This establishment was first opened in 1970 and despite changes in ownership has remained a solid and viable land based casino resort to date.

Themed towards the more classical casino style this casino and hotel is host to a large casino gaming area as well as some 800 well stocked rooms. It hosts several events, has quite a few facilities with adjoining groups and is stocked with several well-known restaurants and eateries. Overall this is another classic casino resort and due to the competitive nature of the industry its long term existence is a good testament to its success and quality.

Dissecting the History of Sands Regency

Opened in 1970 the Sands Regency Hotel and Casino was first known as the Sands Regent and only hosted a small casino rooms and some basic accommodation. The size and location of this establishment did not bode well in the early stages of its existence, however despite this the hotel and casino still grew support and through it grew itself. About ten years after it inception the owners built an expanding hotel tower which added further rooms to the available count. By the Kate 1980s the establishment built its third and final hotel tower which bumped the room number to surplus of 800.

The most common place visitors at this time were locals and bowling enthusiasts, both of which were specifically catered for through the Sands Regency. Over the next few years ownership changed hands and additions like famous restaurant chains added to the appeal of the place. The parent company bought further establishments to complement this hotel and casino throughout the early 2000s and owned three separate properties by 2006. At this time Herbst Gaming bought out the parent company but kept the names of the individual places, including the Sands Regency. Later, in 2013, the properties were sold to Truckee Gaming, who owns them to date. Interestingly enough the CEO of the initial parent company has remained on board to date.

Land Based Casino Gaming with Sands Regency

At the end of it all the Sands Regency had nearly 2500 metres squared of casino space, accrued steadily over time and investment. With this space they were able to offer those players they expected regularly the entertainment they in turn expected. This made for some extensive bowling alley additions as well as plenty of the more classic casino gaming to tie in with their overall theme. This included quite a few slot machines and The slot machines offered their unique ranges of diversity, with regard to different themes and sets of jackpots and bonuses. The table games offered the classics like Poker, Blackjack and even Roulette. Overall the selection was enough to keep players, particularly locals, coming back for more for over 40 years, which is definitely a noteworthy achievement.