What Is Draw Poker and How Does it Work in Jacks or Better?

There are a few variations of poker, although all use the same value system in terms of which hand has a higher value then another hand. In Texas Hold ‘Em the players are dealt only two cards, and must make the best hand using a central pool of five cards. Texas Hold ‘Em is popular throughout the world, and often played by those who wish to play a speedier version of poker. In five card draw poker players are dealt five cards, and may then throw out any number of cards and ask for replacements. In this fashion the player hopes to create the strongest possible hand, but must think carefully on which cards to keep, and which to throw away.

What Is Jacks or Better?

Jacks or Better is a rule in addition to standard poker, generally used in conjunction with draw poker. The rule states, in a nutshell, that in order for a hand of poker to progress beyond the opening round, that at least one player must have two jacks in his hand, or better. If no player can open the betting, players ante up again and draw new cards, and so on until someone is holding at least two jacks. The rule is intended to avoid dead rounds, or rounds where no one has a strong enough hand to reasonably bet on.

Where Is The Rule?

The rule was originally introduced to video poker, and quickly became popular. In video poker a single player draws cards, and selects which to hold and which to throw away, which was done by pressing buttons on the electronic gambling console. If creating a winning hand, the player way paid out depending on the value of the cards drawn. The rule added the additional challenge that a player had to have at least a pair of jacks to receive a payout, and any hand with a lower value meant that the player lost their initial bet. The rule has since been adopted by other forms of poker.

Free Play And Real Play

If wishing to play video poker with the Jacks or Better rule, it can be done online for both real money, and for free. Many video poker mobile casinos Canada offer free play, which allows gamblers to practice and come to terms with the rules. Simply search for video poker, and a number of websites are sure to allow free play. This can be done on mobile phone, laptop, home computer or tablet. If wishing to play for real money online, an account will have to be created, and funds deposited into the account.

Video Poker Online

Today this form of poker, both in video poker and group poker variations, may be played online. There are many online poker versions that offer the single player experience, utilising the Jacks or Better rule. In addition, however, these forms of video poker often incorporate addition rules, such as bonus or magic cards, which offer special bonuses if held in the players hand.