Standard Poker Rules Applicable to Deuces Wild

Poker is widely regarded as one of the fairest ways to gamble, allowing players who have experience and skill to gain an advantage over newcomers. No players have a set statistical advantage, meaning that however the game turns out; it was due to luck and skill. In games such as online blackjack and roulette, the house always has an advantage, even if it is just a two percent advantage. The set rules of poker may vary, depending on which game is being played. Texas Hold ‘Em, for example, uses a central pool of five cards, with players being dealt only two cards. Draw poker, which is the most popular across the world, allows players to be dealt five or seven cards, and gives them the opportunity to trade out unneeded cards in order to try and make a stronger hand. There are, however, additional rules that change the core of poker, such as the Deuces Wild rule.

Deuces Wild Additional Rule

The poker rule of Deuces Wild refers to all two cards in the deck. It means that deuces, twos, are regarded as wild, and may be used as any other card. For example, a player may draw three kings and any two card, which would give player a hand of four kings. This added rule allows for more valuable hands to be created more easily, and any hand of value in general to be created on a more regular basis. The result is a form of poker that is faster paced, with more opportunities for payers to bet and win. Purists, however, frown on such twisting of the rules of poker, and there will certainly not be any official tournaments with this additional rule.

Used In Video Poker

The Deuces Wild rule was originally added to video poker games, and only later adopted by group poker players. Video poker refers to electronic gambling consoles, which allow a single player to try and make the best poker hand possible on a screen. The most valuable hands pay out immediately, with jacks or above generally regarded as a winning hand. The Deuces Wild rule, used in some versions of video poker, gives the player a better chance of getting paid out. This rule is often used in conjunction with other rules, such as the magic card rule, which gives payouts if the player is holding a specific card.

Video Poker Online       

Video poker was originally offered in real world casinos in pubs, in the form of a console operated by a series of buttons. Today, however, video poker is widely offered online, using the Deuces Wild rule, as well as a wide variety of additional rules. Virtually every online casino offers video poker in one form or another, and the games can often be played for free, allowing poker players to practice their skills. In order to play video poker online now, simply search or it, and select a game that suits your preferences. Video poker games are available on mobile phone, tablet, computer, and laptop.