All American Online Video Poker

Poker is a game that has spawned many variations of the same game. At online casinos players can choose to play any number of poker variations including 5 card draw, Jacks or better, Texas Hold’em and more. While poker sites offer players the chance to join live real money online pokies games, video poker allows players to logon and play poker against the computer without having to wait for an available table. One of the more popular video poker games found online is All American Poker. This game is based on the classic Jacks or Better video poker game and can be played online for free or for real money at any time.

How All American Poker Works

All American Poker is based on the standard poker game of 5 card draw and includes generous payouts for a flush, a straight and a full house. For those who are new to the game, video poker comprises of a screen with a large paytable and a space for 5 cards. At the bottom of the screen, there are the game buttons to place a bet, deal and draw cards. The game begins with the player pacing his or her bet. This can be done by clicking on the bet one button or the bet max button.

Starting the Game

With online All American video poker, after the player has placed their bet, they can click on the deal button and the computer will deal the player 5 cards in the space provided. The aim of 5 card draw poker is to create the highest poker hand combination possible with the cards that you have been dealt. Unlike live poker, in 5 card draw video poker you do not compete against other players. This means that you cannot bluff or out-bet your opponent in order to win the hand. Winning is purely based on creating the best hand possible with the cards provided.

All American Poker Payouts

In All American Video poker, the lowest scoring hand is a pair of Jacks. If players do not achieve a pair of jacks or higher, they will lose their bet. The paytable at the top of the screen will display how much the player will get paid out according to the hand ranking achieved. In this game, the more coins bet, the higher the payouts. The hand rankings from lowest to highest are as follows: A pair of Jacks, two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush and a Royal flush.

Keeping and Discarding Cards

In All American Video poker, after the first hand of cards have been dealt, players can choose to keep or discard any of their cards in their hand. Players can hold the cards they want to keep by clicking on the card itself. Players can then click on the draw button and the computer will automatically replace the discarded cards with shuffled cards from the pack. Once the second lot of cards have been dealt, the computer will determine if the player has a winning hand and will pay out accordingly.