Vivaldi’s Seasons Online Slots with Classic Theme

Italian Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi famously tried to capture the moods of all four seasons in his violin concerto appropriately called The Four Seasons. The music mimics the natural sounds of wind and water, as well as the animal and bird species that will be active during different seasons of the year.

The digital slots game Vivaldi’s Seasons from High 5 Games chooses instead to represent the four seasons by different beautiful women in the appropriate seasonal settings, but in a nod to its classical inspiration, all wins are accompanied by an animation and a snatch of Vivaldi’s music. Against a backdrop of a wild landscape displaying all four stages of the year, the five reels and three rows of Vivaldi’s Seasons slots are simple and uncluttered. The poker symbols are rendered in clear but ornate fonts, and the women representing the seasons are drawn in exquisite detail and seasonally appropriate colours.

A match of at least three symbols (or two in the case of higher-value symbols) consecutively from the left-most reel is required to create a winning bet line. Vivaldi’s Seasons offer 40 bet lines, with eight different bet-per-line options.

Wild and Scatter Vivaldi’s Seasons Icons

The Vivaldi’s Seasons logo serves as the Wild icon, substituting for all other symbols except the Scatter and also capable of stacking; both properties allow the Wild to help create many more possible winning bet lines. The Wild also operates, as does the super stacks feature, during free spins rounds.

The Scatter symbol is the Free Spins logo, and it needs to hit the super stacks feature to trigger bonus free games. A player requires 9 Free Spins logos on the centre three reels to trigger a bonus round of 7 free spins, which plays on a separate frame. A combination of super stacks and the Wild symbol can make this round the most profitable in Vivaldi’s Seasons, even though free spins cannot be retriggered during the bonus round.

Poker Symbols as Lower-Value Icons

Like many other online slots games, Vivaldi’s Seasons employs the best poker Australia symbols 10, J, Q, K and A as its low-value icons. All of them require at least three matches to rack up a win, with the highest value of 15 coins paid for five As. Of the higher-ranking symbols featuring the seasonal beauties, golden Summer and tawny Autumn are the lower value, requiring at least three of a kind to win five coins.

Five Summers score 20 coins; five Autumns win 30. Emerald Spring and purple Winter start pay-outs at two of a kind: 3 coins for Spring and 4 for Winter. Five of a kind wins 40 or 50 coins, respectively. One of the attractive features of Vivaldi’s Seasons is the fact that all symbols, including the special bonus icons, are capable of stacking, so that one icon fills all three slots on a reel. On each spin, all stacked symbols will change to the same icon. This can greatly increase the possible number of winning bet lines, especially when the Wild or Scatter symbols stack.

If matching stacked reels end up next to each other, forming a matching 3X3, 4X3 or 5X3 grid, an impressive animation heralds the multiple wins, as the entire area covered by the stacked reels expands into a single image.