The first version of bingo was played almost 500 years ago in Italy. The state run Italian lottery Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia was started in 1530, and is considered to be the earliest predecessor to modern bingo.

This lottery-style game travelled to France in the 18th century, where the game was played by using a caller, who would reach into a bag and randomly select one of 90 numbered wooden chips for each column on the playing card. These games soon became hugely popular throughout Europe.

Bingo as we know it today, however, was made popular by one Edwin S. Lowe, who was interested in the game of Beano and decided to introduce it to his friends. During the game, one woman became so excited that she cried out, ‘Bingo!’ instead of the traditional call of ‘Beano!’, creating the game of bingo that we still play to this day.

Online and Mobile Bingo Games

As online casino games have gained popularity, so too have online bingo games. Online and mobile bingo games, like TopGame’s Bingo Bingo, are played in much the same way as land-based bingo. Players may purchase one or many cards for a bingo game, and will either be able to choose their own numbers on the card or will be asked to select one already filled card from a range.

Once players have their cards, the game’s winning numbers will be selected by Random Number Generation technology, and players will either need to mark matching numbers on their cards or the game’s software will do this automatically. Once players reveal a pattern that matches the game’s preset winning pattern, they must call bingo, and subsequently win the game.

Features of Online and Mobile Bingo

Online and mobile bingo games differ from regular land-based bingo games in that online bingo NZ players may participate in more than one of these games at the same time. The waiting periods between games are also shorter than in land-based games, and most online and mobile bingo rooms offer mini games that can be played in the interim. In order to play, certain games have a minimum ticket requirement, allowing players to play only if they have purchased a certain amount of tickets for the game.

Jackpot Types and Free Play

Online and mobile bingo games may also offer either preset or progressive jackpot types. In free games, jackpots will not be available, but certain online casinos and bingo rooms offer no deposit bonuses that allow players to play games like Bingo Bingo for real money at no cost to them.

Most online and mobile bingo games are available for real money play, but many others, like Bingo Bingo, can be played for free. These free bingo games allow players to familiarise themselves with bingo game play before deciding to play bingo for real money.

Mobile and Online Bingo Game Play

Like in the case of Bingo Bingo, many online and mobile bingo games incorporate fun themes, as well as interesting in-game challenges and other unique features. Top Game’s Bingo Bingo offers in game power-ups, various different bingo game modes, in-game item collection challenges, game islands to explore and unique prizes, as well as smooth graphics and 3D animation effects. Mobile games like Bingo Bingo can be easily downloaded onto players’ mobile phone of choice in a compact game that has been designed for compatibility with a number of mobile operating systems, making for a bingo experience on the move.