Bingo has, for several years, been played all over the world. It has amassed quite a following and as a result, has moved out of bingo halls and into the digital sphere. These days, almost any online gambling site offers more than a few options in terms of online bingo. But where exactly does this much loved game from?

And how has it evolved to become the online bingo Canada giant that it is today? Below, you will find a little bit more detail about the origins of bingo and how it has come to be a game that can now be played from almost any device from almost any corner of the globe.

Back To Beans

Originally called ‘Beano’, the game we now know as bingo made use of beans in its early days. These beans were used to mark the bingo cards of the players and when they had a match, they would yell, “Beano!”

Beano was mainly played at county fairs within the United States before it spread to neighbouring countries, which is eventually what lead to the rise of online bingo Canada. However, it is believed that the history of bingo can be traced back to as far as the 1500s.

European Origins

Most researchers agree that online real money bingo Canada can trace its roots all the way back to Italy, with the game’s grandfather being the Italian Lottery. Naturally, the game was adapted and rules were changed slightly, but it soon traveled all across Europe, as stories from the mid-1500s include mentions of a game similar to the Italian Lottery being played in France.

Naturally, bingo was favoured by aristocrats back then, but as time went on, it was passed on to everyone. Through this, the game was adapted and changed and eventually evolved into what we know it as today.

Going Digital

As the entire world moved forward with digital platforms, almost every industry needed to adapt and form an online presence of their own. Games of chance were no different, and game developers quickly got to work and created the basis for what we now know as online bingo Canada. Over the years, however, variations of bingo have been produced for online players.

These variations include themes, colours and even bonus features, which offer players the opportunity to play free games and win more money. Furthermore, for those looking to play free games, there is also a plethora of games available.

Bingo has evolved over time to become something that those who began playing the Italian Lottery in the 1500s had probably never even imagined. From being based on beans at county fairs to moving into bingo halls and then finally arriving in the digital sphere, online bingo Canada has presented some interesting options to players.

If you are looking to start playing online bingo, remember to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations of the game and look at variations of it to find the version of online bingo that suits you best.