Tamworth, First City of Lights

The New England region of New South Wales, Australia, is where the city of Tamworth is located, straddling the Peel river. The city is situated almost exactly equidistant between Brisbane and Sydney, two of Australia’s largest East Coast cities, and is the major district centre for the area of New England.

The city is known by many names, as it holds records in a number of areas. Tamworth is known as Australia’s First City of Lights, thanks to the fact that it was the first place in all of Australia to make use of electric street lighting, in 1888. It is also the proud host of a country music festival, held each year in late January, and this country music gala is the second largest one of its kind in the world. Hence, the city also holds the status of Country Music Capital of Australia, as both international and domestic tourists flock to watch some of the most famous acts in country music perform each year. Thirdly, the city is acknowledged to be the National Equine Capital of Australia, because of the large number of equestrian events held in the city, and the construction of the first-class Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre, the largest one of its kind to be found anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Tamworth Cup and Other Races

Tamworth is very well-known for the annual country music festival it hosts each year, so, along with the feature race this city holds, the Tamworth Cup, horse racing fans can look forward to the Country Music Cup as well.

The course on which the Tamworth Cup, online blackjack Casino Australia and other races hosted by the city are run is composed of curves and turns that take up about 70% of a lap, with the 360 metre home straight making up the rest of the track’s 1830 metre circumference. The course also has a 3% banking from around the 800 metre mark into the home straight, ensuring that the horses on the track all have an equal chance at snatching victory.

This racecourse also hosts events other than the Tamworth Cup, and visitors flock to the well-spaced function facilities and manicured lawns lined by eye-catching roses for a multitude of other enjoyable community happenings.

The 1400 Metre Tamworth Cup

The Tamworth Cup track circumference is 1830 metres, and the final straight 360 metres long. Like all of the other tracks found in New South Wales, these races are run in a clockwise direction. There are four chutes on the track, located at 1000 metres, 1200 metres, 1400 metres, and 1600 metres. The Tamworth Racecourse area is comprised of five different tracks in total, with a trotting track, cinders track, dirt track and two grass tracks being present.

Around 130 horses are able to call the Tamworth Racecourse their home, as the animals and their trainers make use of the top class facilities it makes available.

Punters interested in the Tamworth Cup can look out for the event in April of each year.