Star Trek Ep 1 Red Alert Slot

Star Trek fans will be all too familiar with the Live Long and Prosper greeting that this show has made so famous. The Star Trek Ep 1 Red Alert slot game is the 1st Star Trek release from WMS gaming, and is naturally based on this popular movie or TV series. The game has all the symbols you would expect from a slot of this description, and the big Star Trek fans will certainly not be disappointed.

The interesting part of this Star Trek Ep 1 Red Alert slot, is that it is the first in a series of 5 slot games. In order to play the other games, you will need to achieve certain rewards that can be unlocked in this game. When you unlock these rewards, you will then gain access to the second slot game. The same process is followed until all 5 of the slot games are activated. This is a unique feature that you will not find among many other slot games, which are typically stand alone items.

Playing the Star Trek Online Slot

When first signing up to play this game, you will immediately be presented with the game interface. You will notice along the bottom of the interface, that you can toggle the coin values, as well as a number of other settings.

You will see that a small calculation is automatically done for you, which will show you how much you will spend on the next spin. The Spin button is situated on the right hand side of the screen, and can be tapped or clicked as soon as you are ready to get the reels spinning. Just next to this, you will also see a block with the word Win written. After every spin, if you were fortunate enough to land a win, this amount will be indicated in the block. At the top of the interface, there is an Options button, which will allow you to adjust a number of other settings.

Online Star Trek Slot Game

In the Star Trek Ep 1 Red Alert slot, players can win a range of mini bonuses. These typically add win multipliers to the reels. Additionally they might also add some extra winning symbols which will help you to create a range of different winning combinations. If you are able to land three of more of the bonus feature symbols on the playing reels, you will gain access to the Star Trek Ep 1 Red Alert bonus round.

When this feature has been unlocked, players are able to activate win multipliers anywhere from 2x right up to 15x their win. During this feature, if you don’t happen to land a win, then you will lose one of your 5 shields. Once you have lost all 5 shields, the bonus will come to an end, and you will be returned to the standard part of the game.

It is worth remembering in the Star Trek Ep 1 Red Alert slot, that it is possible to regain your lost shields. You can do this by landing 3 or more of the 100% Shield symbols on a single spin. See play pokies in Australia for more information.