Most Popular Betting Markets In New Zealand

Betting is extremely popular in New Zealand, and getting more popular on a daily basis. For those who are new to the betting scene, however, it can all seem a bit confusing. Which are the best sports to bet on? And, with the recent trend seen in betting on things such as politics and television shows, which are best non-sports markets to bet on?

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter which event a person is placing bets on, as long as the bets are well researched and clearly thought out. After all, if you’re making money on football bets, or a bet placed on a political event, it still means money in your pocket. So what does it really matter? What does matter for certain, however, is that the bet maker has a good idea of the chosen market in question. With that being said, let’s have a look at some of the most popular sporting and non-sporting markets in New Zealand.

Most popular Sporting Markets

New Zealanders are well known for their love of football, so it is no surprise that football is the most bet on sporting event in the country. In fact, so many New Zealanders place football bets that most online bookmakers are specifically geared towards this market.

Australia and New Zealand are considered the horse capitals of the world, given that many of the strongest horse breeds come from this area. By extension, horse racing is also highly popular in the region, with more horse racing tracks available than anywhere else in the world. Horse race betting is all but a tradition, and an enormous amount New Zealanders and Australians take part in horse race betting.

Next in line, in terms of popularity, is cricket. Also being an extremely popular sport in the country, when cricket season comes round, betting websites all but explode with frantic cricket bet making. Those who are knowledgeable about the sport are always likely to make the smartest bets. But, those unfamiliar with the sport can always do a good amount research and even possibly look next at AFL premiership betting.

Non-Sport Based Betting Markets

In the non-sport based NZ betting market, political betting is by far the most popular. Some consider it strange to bet on political events, but those who know politics appreciate how unpredictable and interesting the political scene can be. After all, a single wrong word from a politician can en his or her career.

Television special bet making is relatively new, but has become massively popular in a very short space of time. Making predictions on how television shows will turn out is both fun and exciting, and many say it simply adds to the enjoyment of the show itself. Such bets are not possible on every television show, however, and are generally only accepted for special, predetermined occasions. Either way, betting on television show outcomes are rapidly becoming almost as popular as sports betting, which is nothing to take lightly. See if your favourite bookmaker supports betting on television show specials.