There have been various debates regarding, which is one is better- online poker or live poker. However, all agree on this fact that both the types are really fun and consist of basic aspects of a poker game. While live or offline poker is said to have been originated in 1829, online poker is a fairly new concept whose roots go back to late 90’s in the form of a fundamental software package.

Both traditional and online casinos have their own sets of tournaments and cash games, where Texas Hold’em is considered to be the most famous and preferred game out of all the poker fixtures.

Now let us see how online poker and offline poker differ from each other in nature.

Online Poker

It is included in the list of most popular online industries. If you have internet connection, then you would have no problem in accessing a poke game website. This lead to the biggest advantage of online poker, i.e., you can play this card game anywhere and anytime of the day.

You don’t need to go anywhere. Just the presence of a laptop with an online connection would be enough to play the game. Since online poker has reduced outgoings, the overhead costs related to property, electricity, security, staff, etc. are relatively less as compared to live casinos to the point of being 50% cheaper.

It is highly suitable for beginners as the risk posed to their cash is less and makes it much easier to access online bonuses.

Live Poker

All of us are passionate about something or the other and this feeling make us highly serious about that something. Same is with the poker players. These players are so fervent towards the game that they do not get any satisfaction until they bluff their opponents live and face to face so that they can see the expressions.

It also helps the players to build social relationships with others, especially when they are frequent visitors of a casino. Friendships and acquaintances are made though people always try to refrain from bringing money into the equation.

The major plus point of live casino is that it offers enjoyable outings for players, especially the older ones and those with families. You also need not to worry about the money as you only have to take the required amount with you.


There are a few comparisons between live poker and online poker listed below to help you decide the most suitable option for yourself:

  • Casinos have generally lower rakes where poker games are rated 5-10% and then there are even some that don’t use rakes in any way.
  • Your winning rate is more up to standards in online casinos.
  • Online poker is highly convenient for players as it makes the transaction, playing and accessibility really easier.
  • It takes much less time to get things done, specifically in transaction so that you don’t have to keep on waiting.
  • No need for extra efforts in online poker such as dressing up and worrying about your appearance in public.
  • You can do multiple tasks along with playing online poker simultaneously.

Lastly, while live poker doesn’t allow its players to play multiple poker games at the same time, online poker does just the opposite. It lets you to play with different tables at a time. Also, with online poker you can make notes by recording the ways and strategies used by your opponents to play the games.

You opponents find it harder to analyse your next move since it’s not a face to face game and you keep your identity hidden by remaining anonymous.