French Roulette is a casino classic and became popular in the years following the French Revolution. The name Roulette is actually the French word for little wheel, and its from this little wheel that big wins can arise.

French Roulette is somewhat different to its American and European counterparts, and its interestingly only really played predominantly in the casinos in Monte Carlo. Although the game is readily available online, its certainly not as popular as the other two variants. This is rather surprising, as the house edge of 2.70% can be reduced to as low a 1.35% when specific bets are in play, making it the version in which you’d have more chance of winning in.

French Roulette Basics

In French Roulette, and all other versions of the game the aim is the same. To predict where on the wheel the small white ball will land when it comes to a halt. To begin you’ll place your bet, or bets on the table on the demarcated betting areas that correspond to your wager. The wheel will then be sound, and you’ll watch and wait to see which numbered pocket the ball will come to rest in. If it lands on a pocket on which you bet you’ll be paid out accordingly.

The Wheel and Table Layout

In French Roulette the instantly recognisable black and red wheel is used, and has pockets numbered from 1-36, with the zero in green. When comparing the French and American wheels you’ll note that like the European version of the game, the French wheel also has one zero, as opposed to the American and roulette for australian players  wheel that has both a zero and double zero. The French Roulette wheels also have numbers located in different positions and the table differs in appearance, as all the numbers on it are white, as opposed to red or black.

The position of the outside betting range is different in French and American Roulette, with outside bets in the American version placed on the left. In the French version of the game the outside betting area is split in two and is on either side of the table.

French Roulette Betting Options

A French Roulette table comprises of two sections, group bets and individual bets. You can choose from two categories of bets too, Inside bets and Outside bets. Inside bets are those placed on a single number, small groups of numbers or adjacent numbers whilst outside bets cover the larger group of numbers. Each bet has its own winning odds and there are different payouts respectively. A games paytable will outline the bets and their payouts, and it always easier to start off with simpler bets such as wagering black/red or odds/evens. As you become better acquainted with the game you can place the more complex wagers, and you’ll see how the principle of risk equals reward really comes in to play.

Betting Systems

Over the years a number of betting systems have been developed, and these are usually based on the theory of positive or negative progression. The Martingale is the most commonly used system, but the Paroli, La Bouchere and D’Alembert are also player favourites. You can try these out at an online casino that offers free play and see which system works bets for you.