Ask almost any player what their favourite casino game is, and the chances are they will say slots. These reel spinning games have been a player favourite almost from the minute they first hit bar counters, backrooms and saloons in the 1880’s, and they continue to captivate with every passing year.

The question arises then, as to why these games have stood the test of time and how they keep pulling in the players, year after year.

Technological Advancements

Part of what makes slots so appealing is that they have changed with the times, and they keep getting better. With advancements in technology, the games have gotten more graphic and feature rich and now boast brilliant animations, short movie clips and add-on bonuses that take players on an immersive and interactive gaming journey. Whereas the original slots were simple yet great fun, the games today are virtual works of art and combine elements of movie making, animation and even 3D to provide a premium playing experience.

Game Platform Changes

Online slots sites became even easier to access, especially as home computers and Internet connections became the norm rather than the exception. As games advanced so too did technology and being able to access hundreds of slots at anytime fro anywhere became a reality. Their immediate access and them all the more enjoyable and now that they’ve gone mobile an even greater number of players are able to enjoy them.

Casino Slots Online

Games of Chance

It’s slots unpredictable nature that makes them a huge hit with so many. A single spin could result in a life changing win and jackpots payout when least expected. There’s no need to learn complex strategy or apply any sort of mathematical principle, the reels will come to halt at random and there’s nothing you can do to change this. Online slots results are based on Random Number Generator, and each spin is completely independent of the one before, or the one thereafter.

Ease of Play

Comparing other favourits such as blackjack, slots don’t require any strategy, they don’t need any skill and they are very easy to learn how to play. This makes them appealing to players of all experience level, an even brand new player could win big, as the games are based purely on chance. All you need to do to join in the fun is place your bets and hit spin, and within minutes you could rack up wins, with no real thought required.

So Many Options

As slots grew in popularity and online casinos became more prevalent new and exciting game releases emerged. These days you’ll find slots that cover just about every genre, from fantasy to superhero, history to comic book and everything in between.

Classic reel games, those where you can spin more than one set of reels at a time, video slots and progressive jackpot slots all offer something a little different to players, and keep things fresh. New games are also released all the time as developers continue to push boundaries and see what new and innovative features they can come up with, and what themes can be improved upon, or enhanced.