King Cashalot 5 Reel Slot Game

The King Cashalot 5 Reel slot game, based on a cartoon-ish parody of King Arthur, offers up a charming visual theme, plus the chance to win a progressive jackpot that often hovers around a straight million. Those who prefer the latest and greatest in graphics probably won’t be very impressed by the game, however.

There are no mind blowing special effects or animations here, and certainly not much in the way of innovation, but the game remains a must play never the less, simply for the astonishing generosity of the payouts. In other words; the King Cashalot 5 Reel slot game wont be blowing minds in design, but certainly will be if you are lucky enough to become the next instant millionaire.

Visuals Design And Symbols

The graphics in the King Cashalot 5 Reel slot game are squarely aimed at being simple, pleasant, and easy on the eye. They don’t, as has already been said, match the standards of some other games, but then they don’t exactly offend either. This king is a jolly looking man with a gold crown atop his head, and looks like he would happily invite you over to dinner. And what a dinner it would be, given that many of the other symbols are delicious looking food. From prawn cocktails to roast chickens and delicious hams, it looks like the king is using that cash to live the good life.

As far as payouts go in the King Cashalot 5 Reel slot game you’ll always want to keep your eye on the king himself. He acts as a wild symbol, matching with all other symbols, and will payout an enormous sum if matched with himself. If he matches 5 times in the centre reel, the player is awarded the progressive jackpot. To see how much this is, look towards the counter at the top of the play area. It rises in real time as the jackpot gathers. Remember that max bet must be activated in order for the progressive online slots real money Canada jackpot to payout.

Many Bonus Systems

There are a number of other bonuses in the King Cashalot slot game, besides the progressive jackpot. These include the scatter symbol and special feature symbol. The scatter symbol is shown as a jester, and matching him at least 3 times pays out according to the bet for that spin. The more has been bet, the higher the scatter payout will be.

The bonus feature symbol is shown as a golden dragon, which triggers a mini-game if matched at least 3 times. In the mini-game the player is shown a screen of the king standing beside treasure chests. You may select chests for the king to open, which will reveal cash prizes inside. There is a limit of only 3 choices, however, so select wisely. Note that although you will always walk away with a good amount in the bonus sequence, there is always more cash in some chest than others. It is a game of luck, and the very lucky will walk away with more.