iPhone Casino Hold’em at Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos are the newest innovation in the virtual casino world. Offering a variety of casino games in a secure environment, mobile casino apps and sites allow players to carry casino games with them and play at anytime, anywhere.

As well as casinos optimised for Android, Windows and BlackBerry smartphones, many casinos have also created compatible iPhone mobile casinos for the growing market of iPhone casino players. There are a variety of casino games available at these mobile casinos, including some more unusual casino card games like Casino Hold’em.

The Origins of Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a relatively new casino card game on the market. The game is very similar to Texas Hold’em poker, using many of its original rules and bets. However, Casino Hold’em is played against the house and not against other players, making it different to traditional Texas Hold’em.

Also different to many other poker games is the fact that Casino Hold’em allows its players to use strategy and skill to win, instead of relying purely on random luck. Alternatively known as Caribbean Hold’em, Casino Hold’em was introduced in 2000 at a few land-based casinos in South Africa, Russia and Egypt before the game spread to other parts of the world.

Real Money iPhone Casino Hold’em

iPhone Casino Hold’em is available at a growing number of iPhone casinos, where players can play the game for real money with the help of mobile casino bonuses, mobile player support services, and strict security measures.

A number of leading software developers have created iPhone Casino Hold’em games with realistic graphics, animations and sounds, and reliable casinos offer regulated payout percentages and RNG technology to ensure fair winning odds during each game.

How to Play iPhone Casino Hold’em

Playing iPhone Casino Hold’em from a mobile phone is very similar to playing the game at a land-based casino. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer by holding the best 5 card poker hand possible, and players must construct this hand from their two hole cards and the 5 community cards on the virtual table.

iPhone Casino Hold’em is played with a standard 52 card deck, and the game will begin when players have made their ante bets and an extra, optional AA bonus bet, which will be evaluated before the main Casino Hold’em game.

AA Bonus Bets, Evaluation and Payouts

Next, the player and the dealer will each be dealt 2 hole cards, and 3 community cards will be dealt as well. At this point, players’ AA bonus bets will be evaluated if they decided to place them, and the player will qualify if they hold a pair of Aces or better.

To continue playing iPhone Casino Hold’em at Spin casino Canada, players must then make a call bet, which will be equal to their original ante bet. Another 2 community cards will be dealt, and the hands will again be evaluated. The dealer must qualify with at least a pair of 4’s, and the player’s payouts will depend on the value of their poker hand.