The Background of French Roulette Games

Possibly one of the most popular versions of the classic game of roulette, French roulette first appeared during the 17th century in France. The game was based on the invention of Blaise Pascal, a mathematician and scientist who created a unique spinning wheel device while attempting to achieve perpetual motion.

While the contraption failed to do this, it was soon re-purposed into a wheel that was used to play French roulette. Soon, French roulette was being played across France, and the game was later revolutionised by the Blanc brothers to create the globally popular game that is still played today.

Appearances of Different Roulette Variations

While French roulette has remained in use over the years, a few other variations of the game have appeared, including the similar game of European roulette, Australian online roulette and the more unique American roulette game. Today, players can find all three variations available for play online, while recently updated games such as French Roulette New by developer Net Entertainment add a more modern stance to the traditional gambling game.

French Roulette New by Net Entertainment

Online casino game developer Net Entertainment launched its game French Roulette New during the second quarter of 2014. The game is based on the traditional French roulette variation, using the same rules and betting strategies as the classic game. However, NetEnt has updated their game with modern features, making the game more suitable for online play. The features that have been incorporated into French Roulette New include a large virtual billboard, an intuitive electronic design and voice announcements, all of which provide a unique experience for players.

Differences between the Roulette Variations

While similar in nature, there are a few key differences between American roulette, European roulette and French roulette, the game on which NetEnt’s French Roulette New game is based. French and European roulette are similar in game play and both offer a single ‘zero’ slot, which provides the house edge in each game. The main differences between these two games lie in the layout of the games’ tables and the types of bets that players can place – for example, French roulette offers the exclusive La Partage rule which sees players losing only 50% of their bets when the roulette wheel lands on the ‘zero’ slot.

American roulette, on the other hand, incorporates a second ‘double zero’ slot into its wheel, making it different to both French and European roulette. Aside from certain bets that are unique to American roulette games, the ‘double zero’ slot creates a slightly higher house edge in the game as well.

French Roulette New Additional Features

The bet limits offered by French Roulette New are standard to online French roulette games, and range between 1.00 and 500.00, giving players a wide selection of wagering options per spin. The Net Entertainment game also allows players the option to check statistics for each bet type before they place it, allowing new players to learn more about roulette rules and betting strategies in an interactive way while they play.