Caribbean Stud is a Variant of the Conventional Poker

Caribbean Stud was developed as a variant to the traditional poker game about forty years ago. It is believed that it was created on board the passenger ships that cruise the seas around the Caribbean islands. It made its way to the big casinos in Las Vegas a decade or so later, and recently has become a game you can access at many online casinos. Online casinos now offer games of the same variety and quality that you will find in the conventional casinos, and the online casino experience is now virtually indistinguishable from any brick and mortar casino.

Caribbean Stud is a casino table game developed and presented by NetEnt with rules similar to five card stud poker. However, unlike other forms of poker, Caribbean Stud is played against the dealer and not against other players. Players will find NetEnt has a standard version of Caribbean Stud, and a Low Limit edition as well as Caribbean Stud High Limit, so there will be a version of this game that will suit every player.

Several Bets Can Be Placed

NetEnts’ Caribbean Stud can be played by up to seven players and one dealer, using a standard fifty two card deck. The table layout resembles an oval blackjack table, and consists of distinctive betting spots for the player. The first spot is for the ante bet, the bigger second spot is for the called bet, and the third spot for the optional bet you can place on the online slots Australia progressive jackpot.

Each player plays a one on one game with the dealer. You are given one hand of five cards. There are no discards and no drawing of new cards. The round begins when you place your ante bet. You can also place a side bet on the progressive jackpot. Once you have placed your ante bet, your five cards will be dealt face up. The dealer will also receive five cards, and only one of them will be face up. You can then fold, and lose your ante bet, or you can call. You then have to place your bet, which has to be double your ante bet. When everyone has placed their bets, the dealer will show his remaining cards. The dealer’s hand qualifies only if he has a king or Ace. If he has neither of these cards he loses, and you receive even money on your ante bet and your call bet back. If the dealer’s hand does qualify and your hand beats his, you get even money on your ante bet. How much you receive on your hand depends on the cards in your hand.

A Huge Progressive Jackpot

Any player that has placed money on the progressive bet will find that the volume of the jackpot increases with the level of the side bets placed by any player. Jackpots can vary from casino to casino, and this is maybe something that could be investigated first. It is the progressive jackpot feature that has made Caribbean Stud the long term success is has become among the new casino games. Online play can of course be enjoyed in most places, and whenever you happen to have a little time to spare.

Caribbean Stud is a fast action game with several winning opportunities for the player, and the exciting possibility of winning a progressive jackpot worth millions of dollars.