Caribbean Stud High Limit a Game for Professionals

Caribbean Stud High Limit is not a game for beginners, but for the professionals who have a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game they want to play.

This game, released by NetEnt, follows the rules of Caribbean Stud poker, and if you are an advanced player wishing to play some hands of Caribbean Stud High Limit, you will know that this game is played against the dealer only, not against any other player, and that you will be playing with five cards. These five cards are visible to the player all during the game, while only the first card of the dealer will face up.

You will also probably be well aware of the right times to call, and the right times to fold. You will know that you have to beat the cards held by the dealer, and if you are lucky enough to hold a hand with a Royal Flush, which is five cards of the same suit from the Ten to the Ace, you win a great prize of 200 to 1. There are nine other hands with rankings that give good prizes, ranging from a straight flush that gives you a prize of 50 to 1, down to an Ace and a king. If the dealer cannot produce any ranked card, or even an Ace or king in his hand, and you have some good cards you will win a prize and have your initial stake returned.

Possibility of a Progressive Jackpot

Caribbean Stud High Limit also gives you a chance of winning a progressive jackpot. This jackpot can be an enormous cash prize, for it increases every time a player places a bet on the jackpot. It is a good idea to place the jackpot side bet before every game starts, so you not only have a chance to win the huge progressive jackpot, but also a jackpot bonus which can pay up to 3500 to 1 when your hand consists of a Straight Flush. If you manage to land a Royal Flush, and have also placed a side bet, you will be the winner of the Caribbean Stud Jackpot. The idea of combining a progressive jackpot with any form of Caribbean Stud, has made all versions of this game among the most popular at any online slots Australia casino.

Betting Limits Much Higher

Although Caribbean Stud High Limit is exactly like the original Caribbean Stud poker game, the limit of your bets is much higher. In this game you can play for 25 up to 500, where the usual game of Caribbean Stud poker there is a maximum of 100. Higher bets of course bring about higher risks, but also bring the possibility of higher winnings.

Shorter Games becoming Popular

There are more than one hundred different poker games available at online casinos, and this bears testimony to the popularity of the game throughout the world. The growth of internet gaming is showing a trend towards shorter games with more pictures and less text and brief snippets of information.  You can complete a game of Caribbean Stud High Limit within a few minutes, as players play directly against the banker with only three rounds of betting.

The aim of Caribbean Stud High Limit poker is the same as any version of five card Stud Poker, which is to find the highest and most valuable combinations of cards that you can. Payouts are obviously linked to the combination of cards you have.