Bubbles Scratch Card is Very Attractive

Scratch card playing has been popular for many years, and now it is possible to play scratch cards online. NetEnt has a wide range of scratch cards that you can play at most NetEnt online casinos. These days you do not have to scratch away the top layer of the card, but you point to the elements of the card, and click on the buttons for action. Below the top layer are symbols, in some cases showing amount of money. If the symbols you uncover match the pay table, you will win a prize.

The Bubbles scratch card is a game that offers a completely different way of working a scratch card. It is a bright and attractive card, with bubbles of many colours all over it, and to win a prize you have to pop the bubbles.

Popping the Bubbles

Bubbles scratch card offers players a really entertaining experience. You buy a new ticket by clicking on the Buy Game button, and you can then choose the colour of the pushpin you will use to pop the bubbles by clicking on the button with the icon of a pushpin. You can then begin popping all the bubbles that you see. You carry on until you have popped six of them. You are attempting to find three golden coins in the six bubbles you have popped. When you find the three golden coins you will receive a prize. If you click on the Potential Win button in Bubbles you will see the amount displayed that you have won. If you do not manage to find the three golden coins, however, you will not win anything. You can also if you wish, click the Auto Pick button and six random bubbles will be automatically popped for you. It is possible for players to try Bubbles first in practice mode, before playing for real money.

High Percentage of Wins

The winning chances of NetEnt scratch cards are fairly high. In the case of traditional scratch cards, chances of wins are derived from the number of cards in a shift. This will be explained in the rules of the scratch cards. Payout percentages will be displayed on the side of the screen.

Features that are included in the latest range of online scratch card games are becoming ever more interesting and profitable. Some scratch cards offer various multipliers that will increase your wins tremendously, and there is even one of NetEnt’s online scratch cards that offers a huge progressive jackpot. It is a local jackpot, so the amount of the jackpot wins can vary from casino to no deposit microgaming casinos.

Valuable Top Prize

The top prize in the Bubbles scratch card is 50,000 Euros. You can find out the amounts of the other prizes in the pay table, which you can find when you click on the Pay table button. Like all NetEnt scratch card games there are various settings you can adjust while playing the game. At the bottom of the screen you will see a question mark, and by clicking on this you can choose either Game Rules or Game History. Game Rules will give you more information of the game itself, and the Game History button displays any other wins you may have made in previous rounds. The speaker icon allows you to turn the sound on and off.