Bonus Keno is a Version of the Standard Keno

Keno is an easy game to play. It is a simple lottery, where you pick your numbers and if your numbers come up in the draw you will win a prize. Keno has been popular in casinos all over the world for many years. There are some diversions that NetEnt has introduced, however, that makes it just a little more interesting for regular players.

NetEnt is one of the giants of the casino game industry, and they have produced a number of the table games most often played in online casinos, as well as their stunning range of slot games that can be found in online casinos everywhere.

Bonus keno is one of NetEnt’s creations, and this version of keno carries a progressive jackpot, as well as a special round offering some bigger prizes.

Selecting Your Numbers

In most ways, Bonus Keno works the same way as the conventional form of the game. You will see a grid of numbers, from 1 to 80. You select between 1 and 10 spots, or you can decide to use the Auto Pick button and your choices will be made for you. There is a fairly wide range of coin values you can use for the bets, and the prizes are adjusted accordingly.

When you have made your selection of numbers, a pay table appears that tells you how many numbers you must match in order to win a prize, and what those prizes will be. The payouts will change as you add more numbers, up to 10 spots. If you have chosen ten numbers you will have to match at least three in order to win a prize, but if you land all 10 numbers you win 10,000 times your initial bet. After players have made their choice of numbers and placed their bets, twenty numbers are drawn at random for the next draw.

The Bonus Keno Progressive Jackpot

As well as all the other special features in Bonus Keno, there is also the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot in every round. You do not even have to win a prize during play in order to win this jackpot. The progressive jackpot is won if you manage to land a particular pattern of ten hits that will join up to make the shape of a J. You can see this pattern in the rules of the game. Another rule of Bonus Keno is that you have to have played that round with the maximum bet. If you have made a smaller wager, however, you will win a smaller amount.

A Bonus Game with Special Prizes

NetEnt’s version of keno, Bonus Keno, includes a bonus round that offers you a free game with double the standard prizes. Each round that you play there is the chance that one of your matches will show a bonus symbol. These are marked on a chart above the screen, and each symbol you find will add one letter to the word Bonus. When you have five symbols and the word Bonus is complete, you will trigger the bonus round. The Bonus round allows you one free game at the lowest bet amount that you used during the past draw. This special draw will have all your potential prizes doubled, so this can be an extremely lucrative round.

Keno is a very old game that is played by millions of people today. NetEnt’s version, Bonus Keno, is becoming ever more popular. See lucky nugget casino Canada for more details.