For many people, one of the biggest advantages of playing casino games online is being able to play any game for free at any time. This means that players can try their hand at all of those high risk table games they would usually avoid in a live casino.

This is especially true for the game of Blackjack. Also known as “21”, blackjack is a game that has become one of the most popular casino card games anywhere in the world.

Today millions of people from all over the globe log on and play blackjack online for free or for real money. In the notes below we are going to explain how online blackjack works and how you can get started playing straight away.

The Basics of The Game

For those who have never played Blackjack online, there is nothing to worry about. The online version of the game is played in exactly the same way as the standard casino version.

Blackjack is a card game where the player plays against the dealer. The object of the game is to collect cards that will get you as close to 21 without going over 21. If the player scores higher than the dealer, he or she will win the round. If the dealer scores higher than the player, the player will lose their bet.

Placing Your Bet

When you start playing blackjack online, the game begins with a player placing their bet; this is done by clicking on the bet button. Once the player has placed their bet, they can then click on the “deal” button.

The computer/dealer will then deal the player two cards. The dealer is also dealt two cards, with one of the cards facing upwards. The player then analyses his or her cards as well as the dealer’s up-facing card and must choose to make one of three decisions.

How the Points Work

When playing blackjack online, once the player has been dealt their first two cards, they can either choose to stick/stand, to hit, to split or to double down. The decision should be based on what cards are showing on the table. In online blackjack, card suits are irrelevant to the game itself.

The game is all about numbers. Cards two through to 10 are all worth their face value. Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 10 points. Aces can either be used as 11 points or 1 point depending on what is required.

Winning in Blackjack

When playing blackjack online, if a player feels they have a high scoring hand, they can stick/stand and see if the dealer can beat their hand. If the player feels they have a fairly low scoring hand, they can click on the deal button to be dealt an additional card.

The additional card should be used to get closer to 21 but if they go over, they will go “bust” and lose their bet. If the player’s first two cards match, they can split their hand into two separate hands. Lastly, players can choose to double down. This is where the player’s bet is automatically doubled and they are dealt an additional card.